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Indonesia, Java


Roasted to Full City (225 Deg C) the coffee has medium body with distinct spice flavours and a clean cup. On first sip orchard fruits are evident and the coffee leaves a malty sweetness in the centre of the mouth. After a few more sips the spice comes in a form of sweet paprika and clove leaving a very slight, but noticeable, tingle on the gums as the mild anaesthetic effect of the clove oils gently kicks in, it is not an unpleasant sensation and really adds to the character of the cup. Mouthfeel is good, with a velvety smoothness that comes from the chestnut barrel ageing process.


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We select only Speciality Grade coffee from the very best farmers to provide the worlds finest coffee beans to our customers. All our coffee is fairly traded to ensure sustainable farming - we hand roast and pack every batch to order.


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